About me

I'm Tuan-Khanh Nguyen but most people call me Tekรฅ, TK, or Teeks. I'm 25-year-old gal, born and bred in Oslo, Norway. Aside from traveling the world questing for the best cheeseburger, I'm a third-year medical school student at the University of Oslo. I also work as a piano teacher and DJ, and try to save all of my earnings for traveling, ceramics, and cheese.

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Instagram: @bonjourtristesse & @burgercray
Facebook: @bybonjourtristessecom



About the blog

Bonjour Tristesse is my DJ name and Instagram presence since 2011. Inspired by the rappers, I named the blog after my "street name", haha.

By Bonjour Tristesse is an outlet for documenting and sharing all the best spots I've unearthed on my travels with kindred spirits. I travel for great food and burgers, architecture, meeting new people, underground techno venues, quirky concept stores, secluded beaches, and wouldn't mind luxury on a budget. 

So. I've done all the research for you. Forget about the tourist traps and the clichรฉs. It took me hours, days, even weeks to come up with the best itinerary for every single trip. I asked the right people for insider tips and hung out with the locals for a true experience. And now I'm sharing the gems with you. ~ your go-to for a selection of the best must-dos ~